The Brownt Envelope


The Brownt Envelope is a paper like fabric that gets softer the more you use it. You can machine wash and dry it! Looks like paper but wears like fabric. You can even use permanent markers or paint to customize and decorate it yourself.

Measurements are : 9.5 inches tall 11.75 inches wide

The word "Brownt" comes from what my niece calls "Brown" :)

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I'm very happy with this unique item. I carry a few papers in my backpack to and from work and got tired of file folders (stuff fell out), manila envelopes (they ripped and wore out too quickly), and pocket folios (too thick and clunky). I found this envelope and thought it might work. I have no experience with the fabric, so I thought it might be thin and floppy like Tyvek. Instead, it's like a stiff paper bag material. I like it! It's stitched nicely and has sturdy snaps, and I think it'll last a good long time. It doesn't hold much, but I don't need to put in many papers, so it's ideal for me.

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